Sandeep Jethwa – Sandeep Jethwa London

Myself Sandeep Jethwa, a London, UK based guy who has been in the education field for years who wants to share my passion for travel. A passion for travel has been with me since I was a little boy and my first ever adventure out of the UK was when I was 10 years old to Portugal and since then I have always wanted to experience the adventure of new lands and new cultures.

Sandeep Jethwa5Sandeep Jethwa6Sandeep Jethwa7Sandeep Jethwa8Sandeep Jethwa9Sandeep Jethwa22Sandeep Jethwa54Sandeep Jethwa66Sandeep Jethwa77Sandeep Jethwa222Sandeep Jethwa535Sandeep Jethwa634


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